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1st album cover for published artist

My favorite song is When We Were Dreamers it’s got a tune that sticks with me. Worth checking out. I was lucky enough to be trusted with creating an album for a wonderful solo pianist. I’ve never created an album cover before, I think I told her that. 😐 It ws a fun project to work on, something to put on my photo résumé, my photosumé. Read it again, out loud, it could catch on. I also enjoyed the CD release event in which I received a ticket to attend. First time at an event like that and no one cared I ate lamb with my fingers like chicken. #lambNOTchicken I had a great time and hope to be create more covers in the future. I’m thinking sparklers, pit bulls, and cheesecake.


Present w/camera
Oct. 15, 2016
Germanos Piattini, in Baltimore, Md.