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Snapshots from my week in Greece

Greece, my first travel to Europe for vacation. I had the pleasure of not having to do anything and not disappointing anyone for doing that. I have a new respect for olive oil and feta cheese. Put that ish on everything. I’m officially a capable driver of manual transmission vehicles after driving in rush hour through the city/hills of Athens. Gotta be an aggressive/attentive driver there with the mass of motorbikes flying between cars. I will always be aware of a young child selling a free rose, but I respect the hustle. I enjoyed my stay and my relationship survived. Now, I gotta run to burn off all the Gyros.

Sometimes you just gotta sell some garlic (not a codeword) on the streets of Athens to ward off bad luck and such. I forgot my cloves so the Garlic Man was right on time.

We spent some time looking for cheese pies. Yet they were all around us. How could we be so blind? Churches (Eastern Orthodox) of all sizes were all over too.

I endured this wonderful journey with my lovely significant other. We went everywhere together, from bike riding through Athens to missing our boat and being stuck on one of the 227  inhabited islands of Greece. I couldn’t ask for a better travel companion.

Like a Catholic enclave. The nuns and laity of my past would be so proud of me learning about the other half.

We spent some time looking for cheese pies. Yet they were all around us. How could we be so blind? Churches (Eastern Orthodox) of all sizes were all over too.

From hence this rock I concocted the fictionalized story of Pericles, a orphan found in swaddling clothing floating in a manger among the papyrus reeds who met the Woman in the Sea. He’s a sailor who couldn’t swim, ends up drowning, and becoming a merman.

She hated the story of Pericles.

Photographer’s SOs automatically become 1st Model, akin to the 1st Footman concept on Downton Abbey (our couple show). So there was some posing time during this trip in front of the camera for her.

Someone made a friend I see. I won’t tell her he fists bumps anyone.

I think this is a two way street in Athens. Don’t let the narrowness of this passageway fool you, box trucks, motorbikes, cars, horses, and people make it through here with ease.

In the cut somewhere around the ancient ruins near the Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments, we found a place to eat. The only lamb I ate all trip—it was delicious. The local animals seem very friendly. All I can think of is my drill sergeants in basic training saying ‘don’t touch the wildlife.’ Because I grew up in the city, all animals are “wildlife.” The birdie gotta go.

Checked out a church on the island of Aegina, Ekklisia Isodia Theotokou. There seemed to be a fresco of Jesus on the ceiling and an ornate metal object suspended from it. Would the metal thing be considered a Jesus Piece?

Go Thaddy, it’s your birthday. (Not my birthday but it is someones birthday, somewhere. Happy nom nom nom…. ) Best dessert waffle ever.

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Still on Aegina. Maximizing our time on the island and getting exercise by having to run for the boat.


Traveled to the island of Hydra. Despite the name, you can’t drink the tap water. It’s a beautiful relaxing island with no motorized transit, all horse/donkey/mule back travel. This is a great place to miss your cruise boat’s disembarkation and have to catch a ride on the Flying Dolphin to the mainland.

There was a lot of thought about looking for interesting things to eat. The Fish Place had the best fish I’ve ever had. I call it the Fish Place because I can’t figure out the name but can find it on a map. I’ve also never eaten fried cheese, or eel, or octopus balls before. I had many gyros pronounced without the ‘g’ but not to sound like Euros (money). I’ve butchered many Greek words over this week.



This is an old Roman Bath House discovered in 2004 while working on the Athens subway. With all the hoopla about who gets to legally use the toilets in the U.S., can you imagine communal bathing?


Electric bike riding through ancient Athens, viewing ruins like the Parthenon sitting atop of the Acropolis. Athens is surrounded by mountains. It seems like one big uphill, I should have brought my Camelbak and boonie hat. The bike makes it easy to go from place to place and our tour guide was the best.


Traveling to Greece during it’s time of financial/economic crisis was something I was concerned with. In reading the State Department’s warnings it seemed people of color wouldn’t be welcomed and possibly harassed in Greece. During my stay in Greece I didn’t feel unwelcome at all, that happened on my American Airlines flight home. ‘Merica! I encountered some of the friendliest human beings in my travel, many people spoke English. I’d surely revisit Greece in the future.

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