Avoid these 4 signs when looking for a fashion show photographer

October 28, 2016

Most designers and fashion shows have poor quality images represent their brand. If all photographers provided a similar visual product or service it would be a lot easier to choose a photographer. We don’t, and now you’re trapped in the Photographers Search Web of Perils. Ha Ha Ha.


You can make better selections by knowing what NOT to accept. Designers put a lot of effort, money, time, etc. into creating and showcasing their work. I see a lot of fashion show photos and it’s shocking at the low quality images that represent a brand. It’s easy for people to assume low quality images means low quality product and not buy anything. High quality imagery can help elevate a business from the pack.


Imagine having custom quality photos of your designs/shows, ones you can actually be proud to use on your flyers and advertisements. No more random images taken from the Internet. Here are some signs of low quality work. We all start somewhere and hopefully progress. Below is an example of where I started and you’ll see where I progressed. Sublime Images is more than just a fair price, it’s about passion, experience, personality, and being a personal trusted advisor.

1.) Novice or lazy photographers use on camera flash which creates this ugly flash shadow. It looks like a scary figure in a horror movie in a dark alley somewhere.

2.) Photographing plus or average sized people from below and to the side adds more weight to them. No one thinks this is flattering. No one’s ever happy with this.

3.) That nose, nose, nose, nose. I’m so glad her nostrils are clear of debris, could be embarrassing. Photographing from a lower angle like this, not a very useful fashion runway photo.

4.) With so many bad photos on the internet, out-of-focus images seem common. Did you think anything was wrong with this image? Put your glasses on.

The Sublime Images Difference

Now, I’d be embarrassed to show the images above as to represent my best work. Now, I’m proud of the progress I’ve made and the quality I can produce. Now is your chance to benefit from high quality fashion show photography in Maryland.

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